Watch the New Trailer for the Showtime Doc, Kidnapped for Christ


By James Kim

The documentary shows the disturbing truth behind the walls of Escuela Caribe

Ever wonder what it’s like to attend an all-Christian boarding school? Imagine that, but ten times worse. You’re taken to a foreign country by force, sequestered from everyone you know, and physically abused to mentally reconfigure and “correct” the things that make you human. While there is nothing inherently wrong with organized religious institutions, the documentary from director Kate S. Logan and producer Lance Bass shows how it becomes problematic when people are robbed of their freedoms and their liberties to act autonomously and simply be who they are, including gay.

Take a walk in the shoes of hundreds of children and young adults who were forced to attend Escuela Caribe in the Dominican Republic in this chilling documentary airing July 10 on Showtime.