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WATCH: Isabella Rossellini Give Birth...to Hamsters

WATCH: Isabella Rossellini Give Birth...to Hamsters

Isabella Rossellini is brilliant. I loved her weird and amazing Green Porno and Seduce Me series, in which she dressed up like various animals and explained a bizarre part of their sex lives (and most of the costumes were made of elaborate paper replicas—even a duck's corckscrew penis). Now, in honor of Mother's Day, Sundance has a new series, titled Mammas, a series of shorts that look at "creatures’ rites of passage into motherhood" that also brings up topics of a woman's right to choose and other politically charged topics.

Who else other than this former model and confident member of movie royalty would have the courage to makes herself over as a hamster, cuckoo, spider, dunnock, wasp, and toad—and eat her babies? The shorts are now available on SundanceChannel.com.

Watch Rossellini in a toad costume below via VULTURE:

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