Keeping Up With the Gays of DC and Marvel


By Andrew Villagomez

Just in time for Comic Con: A crash course on what some of the gay superheroes have been up to (with some spoilers)

The past year has brought an increase of gay and lesbian moments in comic books. Especially key moments for superheroes brought upon by DC's The New 52, the revamp and relaunch of DC's entire list of comics in late summer 2011, and the further character and story development of Marvel's first openly gay superhero. With New York Comic Con this weekend, there is no better time for a catch-up session with some of your favorites (and maybe new favorites) from the world of gay superheroes.


DC's Batwoman Kathy Kane has been around since the 1950s on and off, but she did not make as big of an impact as she did in 2006 when she was brought back from comic book limbo and reintroduced as Kate Kane; with a edgier look and openly gay (making her the highest profile gay superhero from DC). She had her own story arc in DC's flagship title (collected in graphic novel Batwoman: Elegy), and with DC's The New 52, she still remained as lesbian Kate Kane (as several from DC universe had their back story and history altered) and gained her own title; making her the first gay character to headline a monthly series for DC. This September's issue of Batwoman, we are given a background story to Kate Kane's pre-Batwoman years (material not covered in past materials such as Elegy) and focuss on her relationship with her father. 


Image via DC Wiki

The New 52 brought back the original Green Lantern, Alan Scott, and revitalized him as young and gay in the Earth 2 series this summer. Already out in his first issue, he was proposing to his boyfriend Sam, but there was an accident. Sam died and Alan survived by the help of a green flame, which granted him powers, and the ring he was about to put on Sam gets turned into his power ring. He vowed to avenge his love as the accident was caused by a new threat to the world. In the latest issue (Earth 2 #5), during at battle to learn about an entity called The Grey, Alan and Sam are spiritually some how reunited in the final panel.

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