Hold The Bat-Phone! Batwoman Graphic Novel Out Tomorrow


By Flash Steinbeiser

Black leather and spandex have never kicked this much ass. Batwoman, DC Comics’ high profile lesbian superhero will swing onto bookshelves tomorrow in the soft-cover edition of Batwoman: Elegy.

Smartly written by Greg Rucka and lavishly illustrated by J.H. Williams, Elegy is a collection of Batwoman’s adventures in the monthly Detective Comics series. Don’t let the marketing or the media hype fool you -- while Batwoman’s (a.k.a Kathy Kane) sexuality is explored throughout the six-issue arc, it’s done in a respectful, realistic manner -- while juxtaposed with werewolves, back-alley brawls, and psychedelic villains from Alice in Wonderland (guess the Joker wasn’t in town). The superhero isn't defined by her sexuality, rather, it's just a part of her. Simple and affordable, ($17.99) the Elegy soft cover is the easiest introduction to the best gay superhero in the business. Oh, and if nothing else, pick it up for J.H. Williams’ award-winning visuals -- jaw-dropping.

And watch for the Bat-Symbol this fall, as DC Comics announced yesterday that Batwoman’s very own solo-series will fly high in September. 



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