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Young Galaxy's Summer Soundtrack

Young Galaxy's Summer Soundtrack

Let the heated “song of the summer” debate begin—and leave us out of it. Sure, we’ll surrender to some of the Auto-Tuned Top 40 confections being shoved down our throats this season. But we’ll mostly be listening to awesome new albums from some of our fave artists -- and, in an act of meta-coolness, listening to the music they’ll be listening to. To start, we asked Young Galaxy to reveal their soundtrack.

For a dose of top-down, navelgazing, dream-pop, grab the Canadian quintet's new record, Ultramarine (out now). And watch the video for Young Galaxy's "Fall For You" below:

Young Galaxy then recommends Jagwar Ma: “This Australian dance-rock band sound euphoric, absorbed in the rush of the music they make."

Watch the video for "The Throw":

OK, so she’ll rule the airwaves all summer. But really, who can resist RiRi? As Young Galaxy explains: "Who can look you in the eyes and say they don’t gush every time they hear ‘Stay’?”Watch the video below:

"Factory Floor makes intense, visceral music—it has punk energy but is designed for the dance floor. Check out their recent single, ‘Fall Back.’”

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