Anna Faris: Fool's Gold


By Jason Lamphier

That long list of exes includes the pimple-faced puppeteer Ally lost her virginity to (Andy Samberg in pitch-perfect geek mode) and a closeted Republican senator's aide who tries to woo her into becoming his beard. 'I think I've hit the jackpot,' Faris explains, 'and then he tells me he's gay and that he never knew until he dated me.' Another ex is a gynecologist who only recognizes her after seeing her vagina. 'What's distinctive about Ally's vagina?' Faris wonders aloud. 'The writers never gave me an answer.'

Like all her characters, Ally's 'a bit of a mess,' says Faris. She nervously chugs a bottle of champagne before making an epically awkward speech at her sister's engagement party, breaks her celibacy pact to hook up with a former boss (Joel McHale) who's obsessed with sniffing his fingers, and explodes at her patronizing mother (Blythe Danner), announcing publicly that she's a 'jobless whore.'

The fact that What's Your Number? arrives on the heels of another bawdy, R-rated, female-driven comedy centered around wedding woes isn't lost on Faris. She saw Bridesmaids and considers Kristen Wiig's performance a game-changer for the genre. 'She's making an ass out of herself, and that is so delicious and wonderful to see,' she says. 'And it's a gift, you know, because it's a risk -- like jumping off the high dive.'

So why is Faris so willing to continually make an ass out of herself? Without missing a beat, she replies in that trademark cartoonish drawl: 'For moooo-ney.' Then she immediately cracks up.

What's Your Number? hits theaters September 30.

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