The Dutch Do It Better


By Derek de Koff

So, since you're rather unknown in America, what would you like people to know about you right off the bat?
Hmmmm' Hmm. Huh. That's a good question. I guess we'd just like people to listen to it without knowing too much about it, so they can figure out for themselves whether or not they like it. I would tell people that it's pop music, with nice melodies and electronic influences, but since we're influenced by so many different things, we just want people to listen to it, and hopefully like it: the chords, the lyrics, the combination of it all.

What's your working process like? Who does what? Please tell me you guys fight. I need blood.
Well, it's a 50/50 thing, writing the songs -- both the music and the lyrics. Sometimes, one of us comes up with a chord or a beat or a little melody. Often one of us will have a fully developed idea for a song, and that's always cool. I think we do better stuff together than when we're working alone.

So why did you guys name yourselves Anderson? I have to say it's made it very difficult to cyber-stalk you, and I consider myself something of a pro. So do my exes.
That's true' you know, we really should have thought about that! When we first started, we really weren't thinking about, like, getting well-known. We just wanted to play a few shows and get the music out there. We're both Scandinavian, so it's, like, a personal Scandinavian name. We decided on Anderson because we wanted an intimate name, because the music is small, not big. I mean, we write about small things -- so Anderson sounds a person you know and can relate to.

The songs on this album are about small things like love, aliens, and being hospitalized, and it has an interesting concept in that each song is about a member of a fictitious family, the Bensons. How did you cook this idea up?
In general, we want people to relate to each of the songs -- that's how we came up with the idea of writing each song about a different family member. Like the 'Richard' song, he finds himself in a position he doesn't want to be in -- he's in the hospital. Small situations inspire us' wondering what these people think. We just make up stories. They aren't autobiographical, per se, though some aspect of our lives inevitably creeps in' but honestly? We make it all up.

It Runs In The Family is now available. For more on Anderson, check out their website.

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