Gold Dust Man


By Shana Naomi Krochmal

What are you listening to right now?
I'm back into my female hip-hop craze, like Lil' Kim and Trina. It's hard to say who's better, because they both talk about their pussies a lot. I'm really into the hip-hop girls because new rock is so boring. It's about people trying to convince everyone they're just like everyone else.

What do you think is the greatest, gayest album ever?
[Immediately] Nirvana, Nevermind. It's the ultimate outsider record. Kurt Cobain gave a voice to every weirdo out there. People were dying to be weird. He made it so cool that every rich white kid wanted to pretend they had some problem. It was amazing.

What is the most important thing parents should do or say if their kids are weird?
I like how you phrased that. Please put in there that that's how you asked that.

Well, I feel like there's plenty of room in that outcast crowd to be queer or not queer.
Right, it's about being weird. My family is the best family that's ever existed. They're fucking awesome. I was just on the phone with them because Chelsea Lately just finished showing in Chicago.

What did they think?
I just kept asking my mom, "How did I look? Did I look good? Did I look gorgeous? How's my skin?" She said, "I was paying attention to what you were saying, not your skin. I've seen your skin." I was like, fuck you, Mom! Then my dad got on the phone and he said, "You looked beautiful. I'm so proud of you. I always pictured the first time I would turn on the radio and hear SPW. But instead it was turning on the TV and seeing you."

You and Kate Moss have been photographed together, and she says she's a fan of yours. Are you actually friends-friends?
I wouldn't call us friends-friends. But, you know.

What celebrity should be into your band?
Stevie Nicks. I think she's a genius.

Which Fleetwood Mac song would you cover?
I'd love to do "Gold Dust Woman," because it would be like Stevie and Courtney Love and then me. That sounds about right.

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