Days of Summer


By Bill Chenevert

Wednesday, August 20: A new season of Gossip Girl is upon us, and our Monday nights are about to be owned. Luckily, we can catch up on all the juicy scandals, affairs, betrayals, and now (so exciting!) outings. The lovely Serena van der Woodsen (cutie Blake Lively, above) has a little big gay brother, Eric. He came out, boldly, in front of a crowded party at the end of last season, and was outed to his mother by the ridiculously bitchy Michelle Trachtenberg character, Georgina Sparks. We can only assume the gayness continues long into season 2. Get the first now to refresh your memories, peruse the wicked "parental advisory" ad campaign at Popnography, and text your friends to clear out their Mondays for the next few months.

Thursday, August 21: Imagine Pocahontas as a man. No, not at your local drag show but a real live man/woman from pre-white people America posing for the black-and-white camera in stilletos. This is the beauty of Kent Monkman, a gay Canadian Native American, who'll be showing his gorgeous work, a spellbinding mix of photography and set design, at the National Museum of the American Indian. Miss Chief, a drag Indian persona, is the focus of his photos showing in Remix: New Modernities in a Post Indian World in the Financial District of New York until September 21. Check out a few beautiful paintings, too, before you head to the NMAI George Gustav Heye Center.