The Gay Agenda


By Bill Chenevert

TUNES: This week bears a triad of musical fruit: If one of these three new releases hitting shelves Tuesday, April 29, doesn't tickle your fancy get someone to take your pulse: Madonna's Hard Candy, (inspect the video for her single with Justin Timberlake '4 Minutes' here); Portishead's Third (check out their first single, 'Machine Gun,' here), and hip-hop'influenced Santogold's self-titled debut. Fusing several genres (sometimes per song), this Philly-born femme fatale (above) is going to be spun by every DJ not under a rock this season. Let's just acknowledge the big fat pink elephant in the room and say she's kinda like M.I.A. See her kickass L.A. performance of 'You'll Find A Way' here.

FLICK: Brace yourself for the loud, abrasive noise of flame-throwers, grenades, machine gun fire, and explosions on Friday, May 2, as Jon Favreau's Iron Man, starring Robert Downey, Jr., hits theaters. Coming from the pens of the writers responsible for Children of Men, the film way have more to offer intellectually than anticipated. Gwenyth Paltrow, Hilary Swank, Jeff Bridges, Samuel Jackson and Terrence Howard support. Check out the trailer here.