School Sports


By Bill Keith

Revisiting territory covered in his 2002 monograph, Gymnasium, Luke Smalley goes back to his native Pennsylvania with Exercise at Home (Twin Palms, $50) to capture images of barely legal boys posed in bygone-era sporting tableaux, which remind us why we were able to sit through Hoosiers so many times growing up.
Though it's unclear how Smalley chose the book's title'none of the images appear to be taken in a home; they look more like they were snapped at a camp or in a gym'his subject selection and staging are anything but arbitrary. Each model (found locally by Smalley) is physically evocative of another time and adequately fills out his period short-shorts, and the lighting falls somewhere between Edward Hopper and Steven Meisel's infamous basement porn'themed Calvin Klein ads. We never would have skipped sports to sneak smokes if the guys had looked this good.

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