Eye of the Cobra


By Shana Naomi Krochmal

That sounds like a challenge. Do you want to throw down?
Yeah -- let's see how many more boys we can kiss at the same time. For me, I was just thinking about that, actually. Our record just came out, and I wanted to feel what everyone was thinking about it, so I spent like two hours last night just reading comments and looking at blogs. I saw all these video collages that kids made of those pictures! And they'd make up love stories. And I was like, Wow, this is awesome. I was thinking about how when I was younger -- I totally remember this -- I was maybe 11, and Nirvana played on Saturday Night Live, and Kurt Cobain kissed Krist Novoselic on the lips. On national TV! And I was like, That's fucking awesome! I remember thinking how revolutionary that was, what a statement that was, and especially at that time. I think it's awesome to encourage people not to be homophobic. That's my motivation, to really make it seem like it's not a big deal.

What would you like to do with a guy that you never have?
Um, go on a romantic hot air balloon ride?

What do you think your career would be like if you were gay? Do you think you would be accepted?
Right now, I think, like this year and last year, it's become a much more accepted thing. You hear rumors and you don't really know. I heard that the singer of Bloc Party is gay, and I don't think that's affected them at all in terms of their fan base. I think right now is a great time for gay people to be completely comfortable with who they are. I guess it depends on the kind of music you're making. If you're making music for the red states, for dudes who have shotgun racks in the back of their truck, I don't think they'd be psyched if you were gay. But for cool music, for Bloc Party and everything else, I don't think people think about that twice.

What's your fan base like?
Definitely we're a very gay-friendly band. A lot of kids -- especially high school, that are just discovering their sexuality -- they definitely like our band, the way we joke around, but in a very nonhomophobic way. Having VIP on our record is definitely making a statement, too. I noticed that online a lot of gay guys comment on our board that they love us. I think our stuff is good for clubs, which is what I really want to make. It's like in that Sex & the City episode where Samantha was trying to make the Absolut hunk famous. And she was like, "First come the gays, then come all the little girls."

That's why I called you. Here we come.
The gays have the best taste!

Listen to 'Viva La Cobra! at Cobra Starship's MySpace, and watch Cobra and VIP Party Boys in the studio at Buzznet.