Dark Star



When I show up to meet Ben Foster for drinks, I'm not sure whom to look for exactly. Though he's best known as Claire's bisexual boyfriend, Russell, on Six Feet Under, the last time he was seen on-screen, he was platinum blond, ripped, and flying high as Angel in X-Men: The Last Stand. Only after passing him by do I realize that the guy with the Mohawk at the bar sipping a Jameson's is Foster.

The 26-year-old just wrapped Craig Lucas's The Laws of Motion with Matthew Perry and Hilary Swank, which accounts for the haircut. 'Every job needs a beginning and an end ritual,' he explains. 'I was up at 4 a.m., saw some clippers, and here you go.'

Los Angeles'based Foster decided to stay in New York for a couple of months, and he's already found all the right places to get into trouble: 'I have a bit of a vampire fetish, and I've been hanging out at the Box a lot. Raven O [the club's stunning emcee] makes me very happy. He's Bacchus with an incredible sense of showmanship. The place is boys, girls, fucking, drugs, lunacy! It's not drag'it's pretty butch. It's not about playing for one team or the other.'

Foster obviously appreciates that kind of sexual free-for-all. Asked whether he was hesitant to appear in Out, he does his best to straddle the sexuality line himself: 'I mean, sure, I guess it's for 'gays and lesbians,' but Out is one of the most culturally relevant magazines out there, and those lines aren't clear anymore. They just aren't.'

Flattery and sexual ambiguity are getting him everywhere, and when asked if he's single, he does his best to keep the game going by avoiding pronouns. 'I don't know, actually. I'm having fun in the city right now with a creature. It's lovely and weird and fun and brilliant,' he says coyly. Soon enough, though, he refers to the creature as 'her,' but it's official: Ben Foster is a total tease.