No Moore Drama


By Jason Lamphier

Mandy Moore has been a busy, busy girl. Out caught up with the actor-singer-songwriter'and frequent magazine cover girl'to chat about her fashion disasters, outing celebrities, and how she keeps herself out of the tabloids.

You've expressed how embarrassed you are of your past albums, claiming that they consisted of trite music. Don't you think that changes in taste and a desire for autonomy are just part of growing up?
Absolutely. And I think I've been very vocal about it and maybe a little too hard on myself. I think I should cut myself a bit more slack because I was 15, and I really wasn't in any position to have creative control in terms of the music I recorded. I think your taste in music changes, and there's a lot to reflect on as you get older.

Do you think Wild Hope is going to be popular enough to get you back on the map as far as your music is concerned?
I hope so. I guess the goal is just for as many people to hear the music as possible. It's what I'm most passionate about. I hope to take it on the road. I'm just honestly glad I was able to make the type of record I wanted to.

Is singing and songwriting more than a hobby for you then?
Yes, it's something I'm quite serious about, and I would definitely like it to be part of my profession and career.

Do you prefer it to acting?
If somebody made me choose between the two, I would say music, but I want to continue them both.

You stand apart from other young celebrity starlets like Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, and Paris Hilton. How do you think you've managed to avoid making it into the gossip columns?
Because I'm pretty boring. Nobody cares what happens to me behind closed doors. My personal life is not really scrutinized. I'm able to do what I love, and then people leave me alone. I'm happy that's the case.

You don't think it's a liability, something that hurts your career?
No. If it is, then so be it. I would rather be allowed to be myself. It's not who I am to be at the opening of every envelope, at clubs, and partying. That's all fine, but I think there's a way to enjoy your life and have a good time out of the spotlight. That's what I prefer to do.