Scared Actress


By Christine Champagne

'These films horrify me, and I really don't like them,' gay actress Heather Matarazzo (Welcome to the Dollhouse, The L Word) says emphatically when asked how she feels about horror flicks. So it's surprising that she not only stars in Hostel Part II (as an American student living abroad who winds up in a hostel of horrors) but performs one of the scariest stunts in the film, suspended upside down in a torture chamber'naked, bound, and gagged. Matarazzo trained for the scene for six weeks by hanging upside down from a special rig set up in her apartment; a yoga teacher worked with her on breathing techniques. Matarazzo is proud of the work she did on the film. But she doesn't think it is for everyone. 'I definitely don't think that my mom would see it,' she says. 'And I would encourage her not to.'