John Cameron Mitchell Takes the Plunge


By John Cameron Mitchell

The guys were a lot more comfortable than the girls with the sexual rehearsals [simulating intercourse]. One actress suggested that everyone in the room be nude, including me, my assistant, and the cameraperson. It worked. After the initial shock, everybody relaxed. But nudity is not sex. At first the guys were all 'No prob,' but once we got on set, the women were Zen and the guys were like, 'Where's the Viagra?' Once the actors took their pills way too early. Later we had to digitally remove the red from their faces. Another time an actor came unexpectedly'all over my shoe. The group sex scenes were a lot easier because it was a big room full of couples doing what they always do'I just kept the cameras out of their way. The only problem was that when we were finished, they weren't. Someone said, 'If we've got to go there, then so do you.' For my Hitchcock cameo I decided to do something I had never done: I ate me some pussy. It didn't get me hard, but it was better than craft service. Are you happy now, Mom?