The Boys of Summer


By Editors

The term the boys of summer doesn't apply only to baseball players (though we're looking forward to seeing some of them get to home base as well). Summer means big movies and concerts and other outside sports. And it also means hot men involved in all of the aforementioned. So as May starts to give way to June, we take a look ahead to the men we think are going to heat things up this summer:

1) Jamie Foxx'The only reason we might check out the film version of Miami Vice is to check out Oscar winner and Billboard album chart-topper Foxx in action mode.

2) Tim McGraw'Tim's twang always seduces us. And since he's touring with wife Faith Hill, we get diva + cowboy for the price of one.

3) Lucas Jones and Luke Snyder'These two fictional gay boys won't be able to hook up, since one lives in Port Charles on General Hospital and the other in Oakdale on As the World Turns. But with school out, this is the time to catch up with the teen dreams on the soaps.

4) X Games Surfers'Sun, sea, and sexy guys. You get all three when you hit the surfing competitions at the Summer X Games.

5) The Pet Shop Boys'Our favorite queer '80s duo is still going strong with their poetic lyrics and melancholy melodies. Their new album, Fundamental, is going to be one of the soundtracks to our summer.

6) Adrian Grenier'Some of us may be going to see The Devil Wears Prada for Meryl Streep, or for Anne Hathaway, or even for the fashions. But those of us who can't get enough Entourage will be going for Adrian Grenier, who has a small role as Hathaway's love interest. But, hey, a little Adrian Grenier is better than no Adrian Grenier. And it doesn't hurt that Entourage is back in full force starting this June too!

7) Flea and Anthony Kiedis'Old school rockers the Red Hot Chili Peppers are touring this summer, and this will give all of us a chance to check out how tight Anthony Kiedis and Flea still are. We should all look that hot at their age.

8) Stephen Colbert'Nothing sexier than a sense of humor, and Stephen Colbert's been making us laugh for years. And after his skewering of Bush, we're particularly jazzed about the film version of the cult TV series Strangers With Candy. If only he makes out with Paul Dinello again.

9) Douglas Robb'After ruling the airwaves throughout summer 2004 with the ubiquitous 'The Reason,' Hoobastank is back with the new album Every Man For Himself. So ideally we'll be seeing hot lead singer Douglas Robb all over MTV and up close and personal in concert.

10) Orlando Bloom'We endured Elizabethtown and Troy just for Orlando. Luckily, he should be back on steadier cinematic ground with Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest. As long as he runs around shirtless for a scene or two, it will be worth the admission price.