Addicted to Your Cell Phone? Five Ways to Tell


By Editors

1) You change the ring setting from 'Music' to 'Vibrate' while watching a movie at a public theater. And if a call comes during the flick's climax, you still have to check to see who's calling.

2) You answer every phone call you get while on a first date'even though your date is a guy you've lusted after at the gym for months.

3) If you lose a phone, you cry more tears than you did when the dog you'd loved for a decade had to be put down.

4) If you leave the house without your phone, you will always drive back to retrieve it'even if you're on your way to the airport and might miss your flight.

5) You often talk to your phone as if it were a person or an animal companion'and you have frequent dreams that it talks back to you!