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Daily Crush: 15 Quotes to Live by from the Karl Lagerfeld Fashion Agenda

fashion agenda by karl

Uncle Karl offers the best advice — unsolicited — for your daily life in his new fashion agenda, available this month through Rizzoli.

Always at the ready with a backhanded compliment, a widely sweeping generalization or a delightfully cutting aphorism, Karl Lagerfeld has built a life and a legacy on shade. Now you can carry the Kaiser with you wherever you go with the 2016 Fashion Agenda by Karl from Flammarion, edited by Patrick Mauries and Jean-Christophe Napias.

Below, 15 of Karl's best quotes from the agenda. Take a note, kids -- or just get the agenda.

1. On Getting Your Life

People who say they're bored are usually pretty boring themselves. With all there is to see and learn today, it's just a sign of being foolish or pretentious.

2. On Keeping It 100

fashion agenda by karl

3. On Committing

When you make fashion, you have to love fashion. When I see those designers in sneakers and old T-shirts who make dresses at crazy prices, it just seems dishonest to me.

4. On Inspiration

Inspiration is like a password for laziness, an excuse not to do anything. Waiting for doesn't work like that. Inspiration comes with work, just like an appetite comes with eating.

5. On Timelessness and/or Illegal Cloning

I don't want to be the father of a generation, or the grandfather of a generation. I don't belong to any generation. I'm from every generation.

6. On Parenting

fashion agenda by karl

7. On "That's Mr. Lagerfeld, If You're Nazi"

I'm an auto-fascist, because to survive one must never indulge.

8. On Not Understanding What "Everyone" Means

I get along well with everyone, except with men my age who are either middle class, retired, or boring, and who only talk about their health.

9. On Higher Education

fashion agenda by karl

10. On Maxxinistas

Everything is fashion! No one can escape it. If you've escaped it, you're in the bargain bin!

11. On Creativity

The very best thing is to plunge into your imagination. There's no risk of drowning.

12. On Health

I'm criticized for saying people are overweight, but it's just that my doctor told me it was bad for your health.

13. On Productive Fun

fashion agenda by karl

14. On "#"

Selfies are a form of e-masturbation.

15. On the .001%

Luxury isn't the opposite of poverty; it's the opposite of vulgarity.

Flammarion, Fashion Agenda by Karl, $16.95, distributed by Rizzoli

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