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Daily Crush: The Spill-Proof Shirt by Vardama

Vardama spill repellant shirt

A life-changing innovation for clumsy guys, tried and approved by Out editors.

You no longer need to worry about making a splash at parties. As we celebrated the launch of the Out100 issue at Guastavino's, our style editors put to the test Vardama, a new apparel brand that uses a spill-repellent fabric supposed to keep their shirts sportless, even after the wildest night out.

Vardama founder

Founder Kaustubh Varma (pictured above, right) used his background in the medical industry to come up with a technical thread that's 100% immune to unfortunate spills. His trademarked Equa-Tek substance is applied to the fabric fibre by fibre during the weaving proces, so contrary to coated garments, which tend to be stiff and unbreathable, Vardama shirts feel soft and light, with the same tailored look as a luxury button-down.

Seems too good to be true? We asked Out associate editor Julien Sauvalle and Out assistant editor James McDonald to wear a Vardama shirt at the Out100 gala. The verdict:

"I spilled coke on my shirt and the garment completely repelled the liquid, without leaving a stain on the shirt," said Sauvalle, who wore the slim-fit Columbus shirt. "It's quite revolutionary for those who, like me, tend to be clumsy with a cocktail in hand. But I did make an olive oil stain on my sleeve later, so I think it works best with water-based drinks."

McDonald, who wore the blue Fletcher shirt, added: "My friend kept pouring cocktails on me all night, just for the fun of it, and it bounced right back! Not only practical, it's a great party trick. I didn't even get sweaty... and it feels just like any other high-quality shirt."

As for care instructions, the micro-treatment on each shirt is more resistant than coating substances, and does not require any specific cleaning measures.

With classic gingham shirts starting at $95, up to $175 for dress tuxedo shirts, the brand is also expanding into making suits and neckwear with the same spill-proof feature, so you could start your very own unstainable wardrobe. Now, that's progress.

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