DJ Escape: Top 10 Playlist 2011

DJ Escape: Top 10 Playlist 2011

1. Beyoncé
"Run the World (Girls)"
Escape/Coluccio Mix

2. Adele
"Rolling In the Deep"
DJ Escape Edit

3. DJ Escape
"Talking to You"

4. Lady Gaga
"The Edge of Glory"

5. Jennifer Hudson
"Where You At"
DJ Escape & TKC Mix

6. Chad Jack vs. Nasty Pig
"Gag On It"

7. Groove Armada
"I See You Baby"
DJ Escape Mix

8. Stephan Grodin feat. Ceevox
"Why Can't You Be"

9. Kwanza Jones
"Think Again"
Eddie Elias Mix

10. Natalia Kills
Chris Moody Mix

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