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MALTA: Travel In Style to the Perfect Island Getaway

MALTA: Travel In Style to the Perfect Island Getaway

MALTA: Travel In Style to The Perfect Island Getaway

Malta, a small Mediterranean country just off the coast of Italy, may be just what you need.

A quick trip off the coast of Italy, the picturesque Maltese Island quite possibly resides in one of the most beautiful parts of the world; with white sand beaches, amazing food and a rich culture, it's the island escape we've been dreaming of. Visit Malta is currently hosting a contest for an all-expenses paid trip to the sunny island where you can escape the winter blues and dive right in! Enter for your chance to win here.

OUT has created a guide with the essentials for the ultimate Malta escape.

Malta Water

With 300 days of sunshine, and minimal rainy days, Malta's beaches are a must see. The crystal-clear water and tucked away coves shaded by their trademark cliffs are just the beginning of the perfect escape.

Malta Adventure

If you're the adventurous type, try repelling over the edge of one of Malta's many rock cliffs. The giant limestone monoliths create the most picturesque view as you make your way down from the day's highest peak. Rock climbing and repelling are pretty big in Malta, so you shouldn't have trouble locating a guide.

Malta Cove

Hiking and snorkeling in and around "The Azure Window" are popular experiences for most visiting Malta. This beautiful rock formation is located on the Island of Gozo, just a few miles by boat from Malta's island getaway. Reserve a day to explore the sights around this geologic wonder such as The Blue Hole and Inland Sea, both popular scuba diving charters.

Malta Mdina

Lastly, head on over to the former capital of Mdina to view an architectural landscape. Mdina's city is influenced by many cultures, with obvious elements of continental crossroads. If you want to do some shopping while in Malta, this is the place to do it. Head to the Andolfi Artisan Boutique to pick up some keepsakes for your friends back home.

Enter here for your chance to escape to Malta!

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