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Legendary Black Gay Disco On the Market in L.A.

Legendary Black Gay Disco On the Market in L.A.

One of the most famous nightclubs geared toward African-American LGBTs, Jewel's Catch One in Los Angeles, faces an uncertain future.

The club's founder and owner, Jewel Thais-Williams, told Frontiers she's selling the club. The crowds aren't what they used to be, and 75-year-old Jewel wants to focus on other interests, which include her alternative medical clinic and an HIV organization for women and children, run by wife Rue.

“I haven’t listed it yet but I am talking to interested buyers,” Jewel said. “You know—you have to know when to hold ‘em and know when to fold ‘em and it’s time to fold and move on.”

Located in Mid-City, a diverse part of L.A. affected by the Watts and Rodney King riots, Jewel's Catch One has been a beacon for young LGBTs of color for over 40 years. Besides providing an outlet for partying, the club hosted numerous HIV fundraisers and was a stomping grounds for stars, including Madonna, who held her record release party for Music there.

Jewel's Catch One could stay alive if an interested buyer sees potential in it; stay tuned.

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