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Trans Child Comes Out To Mother In Heartwarming, Homemade Book

Trans child comes out in handwritten note.

"Dear Mum, I have created an extremely cringe little book to tell you something."

A transgender 13-year-old boy found the most creative and heartwarming way to come out to his family this Christmas. Author Amanda Mancino-Williams revealed on Twitter that her son decided he would pen a little book explaining he was a transgender boy, and slip it under her door. And let's just say there's more than one talented writer in this family.

"Got a note from my 13yo tonight, under the door," Mancino-Williams wrote to Twitter, noting it was something her kids do when "there was something important to say." Something important, indeed.

"Dear Mum, I have created an extremely cringe little book to tell you something," the story began.

"This is a daughter (dot-er)" it read, with a drawing of a girl in the pointillistic style which uses seemingly random small dots that visually blend together to form an image when viewed from a distance.

"This is a son (sun)," the story continued. "I was originally expected to be an artist who specialised in pointillism, but I have discovered that being a ball of gas suits me better."

Mancino-Williams's son then explained the differences between a dot-er and a sun, citing the periodic table of elements to show that he was truly the sun (and her son), and not a dot-er.

He concluded his short revelatory masterpiece by writing: "One - I am a trans boy. Two - I am very cringey."

Also on the final page was one last illustration, a drawing of a beaming and smiling sun with eyes wide open as if seeing the world anew.

Proud mom Mancino-Williams called her son's short, heartwarming book "a fantastic gift for all of us" and revealed her son wanted her to share his creation "to inspire others to be themselves" as well.

She also acknowledged the outpouring of support she and her son received from their original posts.

"Just wanted to say thank you to all of you who have reached out with words of delight and support and kindness," she wrote. "We've been reading through them together and it's been a morning of a thousand smiles. Love to you all."

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