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How To Date Like The Women of Prime's Harlem

Harlem Season 2

Figure out the best spots for your dating style based on the ladies of Prime's New York-set series, Harlem.

The fabulous ladies of Amazon's Harlem are back for another season that is sure to be filled with lots of drama, romance, and dating. The first season ended with everyone's love lives up in the air. In season 2, audiences will find Meagan Good's protagonist Camille caught between her engaged ex and her new man; Tye (Jerrie Johnson) is coming to grips with her player ways; Quinn (Grace Byers) is exploring her sexuality, and Angie might finally be finding success in all areas of her life.

This season is about growth, and when viewers return to Harlem, they'll find all their favorite characters evolving and exploring new things - and new people.

Dating looks different for each of these four women: Camille may need something lowkey (wouldn't want to run into your new man while on a date with your old flame) while Quinn wants to pull out all the stops in the hopes of finding her real love.

Based on Harlem's leading ladies, here are the best date spots for your dating style.

Tye: The Commitment-Phobe

Jerrie Johnson as Tye

If you're like Tye, you're smart, confident, and you want to impress, but not too much - you're still working through some commitment issues and don't need anyone falling in love on the first date. To set the right ambiance, a nightclub like Minton's Playhouse or the Harlem Tavern offer intimate space for you and your date. Get to know each other over drinks - and maybe move the party back to your place. Just remember to clearly communicate what you want so you're not leaving a trail of tears in your wake.

Quinn: The Hopeless Romantic

Grace Byers as Quinn

And speaking of falling in love on the first date - maybe you're more like hopeless romantic Quinn. If you're a Quinn, you don't do casual or lowkey - you're looking to wow on the first date, because this one might be THE one. Quinn knows taste and she isn't afraid to try new things, especially as she finds her place in the LGBTQ+ community. The best places for a Quinn to date in Harlem are Alibi Lounge, Bluejeen, or impress your date with a private appointment at Dapper Dan's Atelier. And if you're really feeling adventurous, be inspired by Quinn exploring her sexuality and check out Romantic Depot to explore your desires with your date.

Camille: The One Figuring It Out

Meagan Good as Camille

Or maybe you're a Camille - smart and career-driven, but still figuring out exactly what you want out of dating (and occasionally caught between an engaged ex and a new boyfriend). If you're like Camille, then your love life is STRESSFUL. It's time to breathe easy and contemplate. The right dating spots for you are chill, but stimulating for the mind. A trip to The Studio Museum to marvel at the Harlem Renaissance photography and contemplate your love life or a casual cup of coffee at Ginjan Cafe are the perfect spots for you.

Angie: The Adventurous One

Shoniqua Shandai as Angie

Maybe you're more like Angie, the adventurous and enthusiastic lover. She turns heads with her show-stopping style and persona, and she isn't afraid to take center stage - even if it's for a nightmarish musical. A bold thrill-seeker like Angie would enjoy a night at Harlem Stage, where you can take in a performance and even put one on yourself (for an audience of one, after the show). You can also catch a show at The Apollo, where Angie dreams of someday headlining.

Regardless of your personality and dating style, you are sure to find a spot perfect for what you and your date are looking for. You can be low-key like Camille or impressive like Quinn, just make sure you are having fun and doing what feels right for you. And if you follow the ladies of Harlem, you'll be inspired to make your next date extraordinary.

Harlem's second season premieres 2/3 on Prime Video.

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