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LGBTQ+ Voice Actors Talk Queer Representation in TV, Anime, & Beyond

LGBTQ+ Voice Actors Talk Queer Representation in TV, Anime, & Beyond

Some of Funimation's most talented LGBTQ+ voice actors chat with Out about the state of queer representation in media. 

Pride Month is coming to a close, but that doesn't mean that discussions about LGBTQ+ inclusion and acceptance, especially in the media we love, should now be pushed to the wayside! In fact, it's more important than ever to keep discussing queer media representation and how it can help the way society views marginalized people.

Though not talked about nearly enough, anime has (both subtly and more explicitly) brought many depictions of LGBTQ+ people to western audiences for years now, and Dallas-based American anime distributor Funimation offers many of the titles queer anime fans have grown up with and loved.

Out sat down virtually with some of the anime industry's best English dubbing talent who work often with Funimation -- including LGBTQ+ voice actors Brandon McInnis (My Hero Academia), J. Michael Tatum (My Hero Academia), Ciaran Strange (MARS RED), and Meli Grant (Skate-Leading Stars, Dragon Ball Super) -- to talk about the state of representation in anime, whether or not voice acting is ahead of the curve when it comes to queer inclusion, some of their favorite examples of LGBTQ+ representation in pop culture, and so much more!

Watch Out's full interview above, and for more LGBTQ+ anime offerings, head over to Funimation and start streaming!

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