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'Drag Race's Tamisha Iman Shows A Tougher Side In New Clip

Tamisha Iman in Drag Race clip

"All these chihuahuas around me and you go for the pitbull?!"

Another Thursday, another RuPaul's Drag Race season 13 episode preview. After we all fell in love with Tamisha Iman, the mother of mothers and consummate drag professional, in last week's episode and applauded Denali Fox's standout lip sync skills, the girls are back in the Werk Room. What they find is the group of winners from episode two there, and boy do the sparks fly.

Just to catch you up: Drag Race this season has stretched the premiere out into three parts. The first episode saw queens lip sync immediately upon entry, quickly dividing themselves into a group of winners and losers. In the second episode, the losers are forced to "send someone home," when in reality they send that person to the winners' group. The winners then compete in a mini and maxi challenge while the losers' group repeat the process for episode three. Now, in episode four, we're bringing the whole group together.

As is Drag Race habit, the winners are waiting for the second group in the Werk Room with the shadiest faces possible. There's a few shady jabs thrown back and forth -- word to the pot stirrer Tina Burner -- and the winners' group pushes the second group to fess up to why the vote Elliott with 2 Ts off. Little does the group know, Elliott is hiding and listening in. She emerges, confronts them, and brings out a side of Iman that we did not expect!

"She attacked the wrong one," Iman says in a confessional. "All these Chihuahuas around me and you go for the pitbull?! No m'am."

"I know Tamisha Iman from back in Atlanta," LaLa Ri, who is allegedly one of Iman's many children, says in an accompanying confessional. "And that bitch like to fight." I guess when you're building a dynasty some times you have to be willing to put in the real work! Thankfully for Elliott, Iman didn't have to fight that day.

For the Maxi Challenge this week, Ru has divided the queens up into a series of groups. Each will make cheesy holiday movies for her RuPaulmark media venture. As Ru confirms in the preview, someone will be going home.

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