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New 'Drag Race' Clip Shows Extremely Embarrassing Werk Room Moment

RuPaul's Drag Race still from season 13

This is season 13 mama!

We are some 13 seasons into RuPaul's Drag Race. The show is now an international phenomenon with franchises all over, and even spinoffs like All Stars. Yet, with so many examples about what to expect in the series (though they have worked hard to upend expectations and the format,) contestants keep coming back not prepared to do things that have become hallmarks of the show. Cue the latest clip from season 13.

The new preview starts off like all of the first acts from the show: the queens come in from the Main Stage. This time the ticker across the bottom calls it the "non-elimination," reflecting the fact that no one was sent home. As per norm, the group (now halved because of this season's format) decompress and recount what happened. When they finish, the de-drag and we flip to the next day where the second group enters the room. (As a recap: these are the contestants who lost their lip syncs.)

The new group talks a lot of big stuff but have to do their first mi-challenge, the two-look runway. That segment is a staple of the show. The queens have an hour to get into makeup -- which is honestly quite a bit for a mini-challenge -- and here comes our problem.

"I'm about to do something I've never done before," Kahmora Hall, our living Bob Mackie doll, says in the clip. "Paint a face in one hour." Her Chicago sister Denali Foxx informs the room that locally, Hall is known for taking five or six hours to do her makeup.

"Girl beauty can't be rushed," Hall says. "But today it will have to."

And so the race is on. Spoiler: Hall is not the winner of this race by any stretch of the imagination.

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