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Watch Shea Couleé Gag at 'Drag Race' Queens Voting Against Her

Drag Race All Stars

The All Stars season 5 contestants weren't expecting this.

Last week's episode of RuPaul's Drag Race: All Stars was a wild one -- truly. It started by way of drama between Alexis Mateo and Miz Cracker with Mateo calling out Cracker for what she had said to Ongina, and then ended with a set of bottom queens that we can't say anyone saw coming. Shea Coulee, who had previously been flying high and who had just bagged a whopping $20,000, was now in the bottom three queens. Truly wild. But it presented the competitors with a unique opportunity: do you take the chance presented before you to get rid of a star performer who is favored to win, or do you kick off the weakest link?

This is the game ladies.

At the episode's end, it was Mariah Paris Balenciaga who was sent packing. Whether she truly was the weakest link of the existing cast -- or of the bottom three -- is highly debatable, but this is where we are. She is ultimately sent home by a cast vote but in the preview for tonight's episode, when the full results of that vote are revealed, the girls are a bit gagged.

"Thank y'all for keeping us," Coulee says at the top of the new clip.

"Well, we don't fully know that," Jujubee says. Here comes the count.

At the end of the counting, Mariah ends up with four votes to Coulee's two and India Ferrah's one.

"Who's that?" Blair St. Clair asks when the first Shea lipstick emerges. Who indeed! A few who voted for Mariah pretty quickly admit their votes: Ferrah, Clair, and Jujubee all fess up. And while the clip cuts before the rest of the cast says who they voted for, in a confessional Mayhem Miller explains her process.

"We all know Shea's a powerhouse," she says. "I thought the group was going to be like, shea's in the bottom? Let's get her out.

This backfired on my ass."

Whew, fate saved us from another Manilla Luzon situation.

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