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Here's 'Drag Race: All Stars' 5's Episode 3 Lip Sync Assassin

RuPaul erased trans queens

There was a lot of drama and a lot going on in this episode so let's get into it.

The Challenge

This week queens were matched up into teams for their Shantay, Enjoy Your Stay challenge. For the competition, each group had to come up with resort ideas, design and execute them, and then sell them to the judges in  a TV spot. So in essence it is an interior design challenge, as well as a bit of a comedy challenge. 

This might be a controversial take but I honestly didn't feel genuinely wowed by any performance. I'm not sorry! That isn't to say that they were all bad but personally, they weren't very exciting. Jujubee was funny, and Alexis Mateo had her moments, but on the whole, it was slightly underwhelming. That said, the judges chose Blair St. Clair and Mayhem Miller as the best suite with their 24 Karat Gold Experience — which arguably was the strongest. Jujubee rightfully was called out as the top All Star of the week.

The Runway

While the maxi-challenge didn't do it for me, the runway did — sorta! Queens had to do three-in-one looks. The results were varied but mostly solid. Of the highlights were Alexis Matteo — though as Ross Matthews pointed out, one of her looks didn't go with the other two although it did look great, — India Ferrah, Miz Cracker, and Jujubee. Oh and Shea Coulee.

Yes, the judges said that Shea's look was "crafty," but the judges were absolutely wrong. Absolutely. Wrong. Period. And that's that on that.

The Lip Sync Assassin

When all was said and done, our dear queen Shea Coulee was put in the bottom alongside Mariah Paris Balenciaga and India Ferrah. The queens deliberating discussed the extremely valid idea of knocking Coulee out as she's clearly a top competitor. But after deliberations and votes, the lip sync assassin was revealed: the one and only reigning All Stars winner herself, Monet X Change. 

We all know Monet to be a powerhouse performer with a hell of a lot of onstage charisma, true dance skills, and expertise in perfectly timed stunts and gags. She bottles all that up with her trademark comedy and it makes her a tough competitor to face off against. It is worth it to note though that Jujubee is also a really strong performer. It's actually because of this that we are led to believe she threw the battle, flubbing multiple words and getting herself out of the hot seat.

The Verdict

In the end, after Monet's win, it was the whole cast's decision on who had to go home. The lipstick that she revealed: Mariah Paris Balenciaga, who was in the bottom for the second time. 

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