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RuPaul Is Finally in Drag in This 'SNL' Teaser

RuPaul in drag in a teaser for Saturday Night Live

“Child, I just roll out of bed, put a little mascara on and I’m working!”

Yes, It is here. There is hope!

When RuPaul was first announced for their historic hosting gig on Saturday Night Live this upcoming weekend -- she will be the first drag queen to host the show, and this will be RuPaul's first time hosting after a 30+ year career -- we had questions about whether the star would actually appear in drag. It wasn't just us, you had questions too! Ru notoriously only gets into drag when she's getting paid being paid, and even then it's generally in extremely controlled situations. So whether she was going to tuck for this gig was truly up in the air.

When SNL released the first teaser, the six foot plus queen we all know appeared, decidedly not in drag. She was wearing one of those printed suits she loves so much, and no wig. Well now, she's back, all dolled up as Monster, the blonde drag persona we get on RuPaul's Drag Race, and ready to roll.

"Hi I'm RuPaul and I'm hosting SNL this week with musical guest Justin Beiber," she tells the camera in the the teaser.

"Ru, you look incredible, how long did this take?" SNL cast member Kate McKinnon asks.

"Child, I just roll out of bed, put a little mascara on and I'm working!" Ru says.

"Really," McKinnon asks eagerly.

"Yeah, yeah," Ru responds, doing that thing she does where she never breaks eye contact with the camera while engaging with someone standing right beside her. "This is mostly just bone structure and glue"

We obviously don't know whether or not this is a pump fake, and thus the only time we'll see Ru in drag for SNL -- though she did do that cameo appearance when Charles Barkley hosted in 1993 -- but we are thinking it's not. There's very little chance Mama Ru got all gussied up for an Instagram post! There's got to be some pre-recorded sketches to come out of this.

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