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GIF-cap: 'Looking for Sanctuary'

GIF-cap: 'Looking for Sanctuary'


Family matters

Here we are, at the second to last GIF-cap of Looking season 2. And just like the windows in the apartment Kevin and Patrick checked out, we've been able to withstand a lot.


From the beginning of the season, it looked as though Patrick would spend most of his time meddling as a homewrecker, determined to be happy in his romantic ignorance only to suddenly have Jon out of the picture and Patrick freely twisting Kevin's nipples, blurting out, "I love you," in a swift two episodes.


So where does that leave us? Looking for apartments, of course. But don't get it twisted like that presumptuous realtor did. Patrick is not moving in (his apartment is rent controlled) and Kevin has a score or two to settle with his new beau's sister -- you know, the one that his ex-beau stood as a groomsman for during her wedding to his best mate and somehow Scott Evans was there.


(I just needed an excuse to bring that out again. Looking, how did you not bring him back for an episode? Was he not available to wander around the woods in the premiere? I'm sure if you go back to the Russian River, Scott is just hanging out waiting for someone to call him by his name and not: "Hey, aren't you Captain America's brother?")

And with the relationship taking shape, Patrick and Kevin -- but mostly Patrick --must confront three issues:

1) Introducing the boyfriend to mother Dana -- marking the return of the always-divine Julia Duffy -- and have her be wooed by Kevin's Brit charm and Dana-Banana jokes.

2) Sparring with sister Megan over being a homewrecker and accepting Kevin in time for Christmas and making sure those penguins were spared in the most passive aggressive trip to the zoo.

3) And deciding to move in together after realizing that if Mom is going to leave Dad to be with another man, then there's nothing left for Patrick to prove to his family since Megan no longer has an argument to stand on, and Patrick can stop living his life by these preconceived judgments based on his idealistic version of his own mother.


Future issue: Unpack all that WASP-y mellow drama in Patrick's head. (Maybe in season 3. Come on, HBO. Don't let us down!)

Meanwhile, Dom and Doris's relationship has completely unraveled.


Disappointedly, the promise of money has come between them now that Doris can't make good on her endowment to Dom. Not even frozen yogurt could solve this one. Now that Doris has tapped out, He-Man's been officially left to fend for himself.

And if that wasn't enough, Agustin 2.0 found himself on edge as a mural and ex-boyfriend Eddie unnerve his newly calibrated mental programming. The one-two hit of his past life made Eddie jealous and forced the two to have "the conversation" and make the boyfriend label official.


Notice that Eddie and A2.0 spent weeks (or months? the timeline is slightly confusing) trying to figure out what exactly they were while Patrick and Kevin already decided to live together.

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