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supreme court

How to Fight an Anti-LGBTQ+ SCOTUS? In a Nasty Pig Jockstrap

A Supreme Court decision allowing LGBTQ+ discrimination in business drives home the importance of a Nasty Pig jockstrap — and supporting queer-owned companies.

'The View' Host Says She Agrees With SCOTUS Ruling For Antigay Designer

“They have the right based on their viewpoint to say, ‘I don’t want to do that,’” Alyssa Farah Griffin expressed on the show.

Buttigieg Sees Grander Scheme in Place With Antigay SCOTUS Ruling

The opposition is organized and they have the most powerful court — and many state legislatures — on their side.

Fiancés Ben Platt, Noah Galvin Slam Supreme Court Anti-LGBTQ+ Ruling

The two star in the upcoming comedy Theater Camp.

SCOTUS Just Voted to Limit LGBTQ+ Protections in Discrimination Ruling

The Supreme Court just dropped a decision with major ramifications for queer folks.

There's a Supreme Court Case LGBTQ+ People Should Be Concerned About

A Supreme Court ruling on Friday will have major ramifications for LGBTQ+ Americans — all because one woman wants to deny same-sex couples a service nobody asked for.

These States Still Have Laws Banning Sodomy in 2022

After Clarence Thomas said he wants to overturn Lawrence v. Texas, will we have to worry about anti-sodomy laws again?

How Queer Celebs & Activists Reacted to SCOTUS Overturning Roe v. Wade

Now is the time to "FIGHT LIKE HELL."

8 Abortion Rights Orgs to Support Since Roe v. Wade Was Overturned

If you need access to an abortion, these places can help. If you don't, please donate to keep these resources going.

Supreme Court Affirms Rights of Trans Students In Latest Move

The case was brought by parents who wanted trans student Elliot Yoder to use gender neutral facilities.

SCOTUS Justice Alito Is Basically Declaring War on Marriage Equality

In new remarks, the associate justice asserted that "one of the great challenges for the Supreme Court going forward will be to protect freedom of speech."

LGBTQ+ Family Rights Could Be Pushed Back Decades in SCOTUS Case

“The stakes in this case couldn’t be higher for LGBTQ+ people, who face the possibility of the Supreme Court creating a constitutional right to discriminate against us in every aspect of our lives.”

If You're LGBTQ+ You Need to Know About This Nov. 4 SCOTUS Case

The ruling could impact the lives of our communities.

SCOTUS Justices Suggest Need to Overturn Marriage Equality

Justices Thomas and Alito write the court created "a novel constitutional right."

Ruth Bader Ginsburg Has Died — SCOTUS Equality Legacy in Jeopardy

Her dying wish, according to her granddaughter, was that her seat not be filled by this president.

Why the Supreme Court Case on Abortion Access Is a Queer Issue

"I urge you not to forget about folks like me and the many other people — not just women — for whom abortion has either been a lifeline or remains entirely out of reach. Fight for all of us."

Lesbian Widow Sues Government For Refusing to Recognize Relationship

She is seeking spousal benefits following her late partner's death.

Kavanaugh, Alito Urged to Step Down From LGBTQ+ Rights Cases

The Supreme Court justices recently posed with a hate group leader.


Buttigieg’s Model Supreme Court Justice Is a Republican Appointee

Bernie Sanders fired back on Twitter, joined by worried progressives.