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First Listen: Out's Pride Party Playlist from DJ Mikey Pop Powered By Master & Dynamic

First Listen: Out's Pride Party Playlist from DJ Mikey Pop Powered By Master & Dynamic

Master and Dynamic Out Pride Party Playlist

To celebrate pride season and in partnership with luxury audio brand Master & Dynamic, Out's resident music guru DJ Mikey Pop has curated a playlist of Pride party classics and new songs surely to be the soundtrack to this year's celebrations.

Pride season is upon us, and what a momentous one it is this year. As Out magazine celebrates the 'Legacy of Pride' in the June/July issue, we can't help but think about the past 50 years and how we, as community, have come together for the right to celebrate who we are. Between politics, fashion, film and of course - music, the progress we've made is astounding! For a lot of LGBTQ+ people, music has played such an important role in who we are and who we've become.

The LGBTQ+ has made such an impact on music over the last five decades and while we will always covet classic Pride Anthems from the likes of allies and activists such as Madonna, Diana Ross & Lady Gaga (to name a few) - queer artists have emerged more and more each year saying, "Hold my purse! And listen to this!", as they release their own musical contributions into the world. This specially curated playlist is perfect to keep the party going in your headphones whenever you want. In the words of Sophia Petrillo, "Picture it..." a complete time machine escape into the history of Pride via your own headphones playing the music you've grown to love from the past 50+ years.

Put on your platforms and feather boas for Gloria Gaynor in the 70's. Slide on some lace gloves and eleven pairs of rosary beads for Madonna in the 80's. Sashay your way down the sidewalk (aka your runway) with Rupaul in the 90's. Put those claws up and have a kiki with Gaga and The Scissor Sisters in the 2000's and as we approach 2020, we celebrate and welcome newer artists like Kim Petras, Sophie and MNEK into our music libraries and play them proudly and loudly from our headphones and speakers!


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