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Cardi B Claims Former Team Member Shared Transphobic Meme On Her Official Facebook Page

Cardi B Apologizes For Transphobic Meme Shared From Her Account

Not for the first time, Cardi B has been accused of transphobia — although this time, the rapper is insisting she's not at fault. Sunday afternoon a transphobic meme was shared from Cardi B's Facebook account that seemed to poke fun at men ashamed to be seen with transgender women.

Shortly after the meme was posted, the rapper used took to Twitter, explaining to fans that a former member of her team is the only person with access to her former Facebook page, implying that she didn't post the meme and cannot take it down.

Some were reassured, but not everyone is buying it. Pose star Angelica Ross urged the rapper to apologize, citing the implications behind the meme.

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