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Exclusive: Aquaria Opens Up About RPDR, Trolls, and the Life Behind Drag

Exclusive: Aquaria Opens Up About RPDR, Trolls, and the Life Behind Drag


The RuPaul's Drag Race season 10 winner appears in the new season of Queens of Kings.

Since winning season 10 of RuPaul's Drag Race, Aquaria has become an international sensation. The New York queen has gone from Brooklyn drag wunderkind to drag superstar.

In the Revry docu-series, Queens of Kings, Aquaria gives a glimpse at her life since appearing on the show. From returning to her New York roots to her creative provess behind the drag, fans get to see a side that Drag Race didn't show. It's an intimate look that even she wasn't prepared for.

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We caught up with Aquaria about her sudden fame, social media trolls, and Queens of Kings.

What has life been like since RuPaul's Drag Race?

Since the show's finale, life has been beyond insane. I'm in a new city, country, or part of the world nearly every day, so there has been a lot of really awesome memories and experiences that I've enjoyed recently.

There seems to be a lot of animosity on social media toward you queens. How do you avoid that?

Personally, I try to delete negative comments, block the users who I see spreading negativity about me and my sisters, and also try to promote a more accepting and less toxic fan base in general. I think putting out good examples and discussing the problem can help fix it or at least bring attention to it. So, I hope my fans can lead by example of how I try to treat my sisters and others online.

Have you and your sisters gotten closer since the competition and let some of the tension go?

I definitely don't hold on to anything personal from my experiences on the show. I am not one to really let something bother me for too long because it just wastes my energy, and it's easier to be cool and nice than have issues I think. I have gotten very close with Kameron (Michaels) and Asia (O'Hara), as I travel with them a lot, and it's been really cool to see what the other queens are up to on social media as well.

How would you explain the New York scene that made you the queen you are today?

My New York scene is very club kid and downtown with a splash of Midtown and Brooklyn. I've always done many different gigs all about town, so I can comfortably say that I've had a fairly broad experience with drag in the city. New York queens are hardworking and passionate, and I see that love for art in any venue I work.

Does it feel different being back there after the show?

It does feel different being back home since Drag Race. I've really learned to appreciate the short amount of time I get to spend with my friends. So, that has been nice to look forward to. There's also never a night when I don't get a bit hounded when I go out, but I definitely appreciate the love, because I could also not have people want to take pictures with me, and that would suck too.

For Queens of Kings, we get to see your life behind the drag. How did it feel being that open?

I'm not a very sharing person when it comes to my personal life, especially since this past year. I like to keep my public and private life very separate, but I also wanted to share some insight into my creative process with Queens of Kings. So, hopefully the fans can enjoy some more intimate moments of me, my friends, and my parties.

What was the most vulnerable part of the experience?

I don't recall anything particularly more vulnerable from the next, but just having a camera crew in my living space and following me around always makes me feel very naked and vulnerable.

How do you hope people perceive you after seeing a closer look at your life?

I think that, especially since Drag Race, that fans and others have developed a fairly well-rounded view on who I am as a person, but Queens of Kings gives people an even deeper insight on how I go about my work on an average night. I hope people can understand how hard I hustled and fought to get to the point in my career that I am today. We filmed this episode after I filmed Drag Race, but prior to our cast announcement, so it was a very interesting time for me and my friends that you get to meet in the video. And I think viewers will see a side of me that they will really enjoy.

See Aquaria in the season three premiere of Queens of Kings, available September 14 on Revry. Watch the teaser below:

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