Mom Refuses to Let Gay Man Teach Her Children, His Response is Epic

Mom Refuses to Let Gay Man Teach her Children, His Response is Epic

A text exchange between a homophobic, “Christian” mother and her children’s gay theater teacher has recently gone viral for the best of reasons.

While the text exchange took place three years ago, the recent virality of the interaction is due to the fact that homophobia is still very real and the teacher’s response was epic.

Here’s what happened.

Talking Props Theatre School owner Michael Neri received a text from a “concerned” mother who did not feel “comfortable” with a gay man teaching her children theater. (She seems to be unaware that if her children wish to partake in any aspects of theater, there will always be gays.)

She planned to not only pull out her children from the program, but also believed she was entitled to a refund.

Read Neri’s response below.


Now that is how you shut down homophobia. 

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