Troye Sivan: “I Cried and Felt Sick When I Realized Zac Efron Was Hot”


The road to uncovering self-acceptance is different for everyone. In the new issue of Attitude, Troye Sivan opened up about his journey, including a note about how he first started having feelings for other men pretty early on, and knew there was something different about him around the age of five.

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In the interview, he recalls how his feelings for men turned sexual in his early teens, which caused turmoil in his youth.


“I remember I cried when I realized I thought Zac Efron was really hot. I cried. And felt really sick,” he said. “And that was that same thing, it wasn’t: ‘This is just a little crush on a boy or something like that: I’m not just interested in this boy—I think that he’s hot.’ And that was weird for me.”

As he grew, he became more and more open about his sexuality, officially coming out, as many of you remember, on YouTube, in 2013 at the age of 18.

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