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The Fab Five Are Here to Help You Throw the Ultimate Oscars Party

How to Throw the Ultimate Oscar Party

Karamo Brown, Culture Expert

Karamo 1
Your Secret Weapon: Bingo
“I know what you’re thinking—but hear me out. Create blank Bingo cards and ask each of your guests to write in the blank spaces the culturally relevant issues that they think will be brought up during the Oscar speeches (Times Up, Black Lives Matter, Trump, LGBTQI awareness). Each time a celebrity brings up an issue a guest wrote down, they mark their card. The first one to have all of their issues addressed during the ceremony will call “Bingo” and get a prize. Trust me, this game will give your less politically active and more politically active guests an entry point for interaction. They can mingle and feel comfortable sharing the views that are important to them in a way that isn’t heavy or divisive. Plus, who doesn’t love to win swag at a party?”


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