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10 Moments of True Love to Inspire You This Valentine’s Day


Here's 10 love stories that will really put you in the mood. 

It's that time of year--the sobering day in mid February where, whether we like it or not, we're forced to assess the status of our own, oft-parched love lives. But as the afternoon slithers into evening and your chance at a romantic night draws ever closer, we've decided to offer the avenue of hope, providing you with ten instances that showcase just how powerful, and at times unexpected, love can really be. Here's to your best V-day yet--may the following inspire you to go on and kiss the boy:

Reese Witherspoon's Love For Nicole Kidman:

If your man won't look at you the way Reese looks at Nicole accepting a Best Actress Award, you need to have a serious talk.

Tyra's Love of Vaseline:

Find you a man who worships and screams for you the way Tyra screams for Vaseline.

Beyonce's Love As She Reveals Her First Pregnancy at the VMAs:

Beyonce's grin, Jay-Z's smile, Kanye's shove... the stuff of true love.

The Clear Warmth And Respect in This Relationship:

On second thought this one just makes us nauseous and angry that Trump has not yet had to atone for his many sins.

Jennifer Hudson's Refusal to Give Up On Love in Dreamgirls:

Find you someone who is as determined not to let you go as Effie White is to keep Curtis.

The Love Lily Potter Had For Her Son:

Get you a man whose love saves you from Avada Kedavra.

Severus Snape's Love for Lily Potter:

He gave everything, including (spoiler alert) Dumbledore's life, just to have the chance to continue seeing the eyeballs of his true love.

The Love This Boy Has for Lady Gaga:

It's OK to cry this Valentine's Day.

The Troubled Love Effy and Freddie Share on Skins:

(Spoiler alert) Freddie ends up dead and Effie seems to be on the verge of death in most every scene she's in, but their love was still pure, powerful, and true.

The Love Conjured By Seeing Rihanna in the YSL Heart Cape:

That's all.

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