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It's Time to Watch This French Olympian Skate to 'Run the World' & 'Halo'

AP Photo/Bernat Armangue

French Olympian figure skater Maé-Bérénice Méité has done what we've all been waiting for someone to do since I Am... Sasha Fierce first graced our CD players: a routine to the tunes of Halo and Who Run the World (Girls).

"I wanted to do something that was very me, something fun, something I would enjoy!" she told Cosmopolitan after her performance. 

Thankfully, we also were able to find Leslie Jones' commentary on the piece on Twitter—take a look below: 

While the full Olympic performance is not yet on YouTube, the routine can be seen in its entirety from its European Championships iteration:  

While we're thankful for Méité's work here, we will say it has unfortunately led us deep into a live Beyoncé YouTube hole, with absolute concentrations in the arenas of "Halo" live and 9-year-olds singing "Listen." Enjoy as you cry:

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