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RuPaul Joins Katy Perry For an Intense Scorpio Conversation

RuPaul Joins Katy Perry For an Intense Scorpio Conversation


The prosecution: "Can I get a witness?"

Picture this: RuPaul, Katy Perry, some cups of tea, and a barrette clipped to the front center of a scalp. This is the unusual, life-changing scene that unfolded before us in real time today during Perry's Witness livestream.

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The first piece of info established in this crucially gay conversation is that both parties involved are Scorpio sisters. Katy was delighted, surprised and grateful to make this discovery. Receipts, below.

Things quickly took a more serious turn, however, when the pair began to realize the implications of their respective astrologies.

"I can do the, 'Hey everybody, how ya doing?'" Ru says. "But the real me? Boom. I'm an introvert masquerading as an extrovert."

Katy responded, saying, "Okay, but that's your protection, and I had to do that in a way, in my own way. I didn't think that anybody would like Katherine Hudson. I was addicted to love. Because I didn't know how to love myself. So I was like, 'Please love me, please love me, please love me. Will you love me? Because I don't know how to love myself.' Because there was something growing up that I didn't have, necessarily. So I had to start facing that. And that was scary as F."

Just so you have an isolated image of how it looks when Katy says, "Scary as F:"

Ru was quick to add to the deep talk when prompted: "The truth T for me is to find the place in your consciousness that is the source," he says. "And learning how to navigate back there, even if it's just sitting still for a moment." Watch their iconic astrological chat, below.

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