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Our Lorde & Savior Shares Spotify Playlist of All Her Favorite Songs


If you've been sitting around wishing you knew what music is cool and fun, and, by the transitive property, what songs Lorde is listening to, fret no more. The New Zealand-born singer posted a playlist over-the-weekend of all the tracks she's listening to these days.

The great news is that this list, named after her unreleased new Melodrama song, "Homemade Dynamite," will not grow stale in two weeks when Lorde has moved on to greener pastures. No—she'll be updating it regularly.

The collection includes everyone from Kendrick Lamar to Bon Iver and Nancy Sinatra, showcasing the pop princess' eclectic sensibilities. And don't worry—her very own legendary anthem, "Green Light," naturally starts off the list, as it should.

Have a listen, below:

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