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The (Real) Inventor of Post-Its Loves Romy & Michele, Too

The (Real) Inventor of Post-Its Loves Romy & Michele, Too

romy michele high school reunion

 Actually, he invented a special kind of glue.

Romy & Michele's High School Reunion turns 20 years old on April 25, meaning that Romy White and Michele Weinberger graduated their high school hell exactly 30 years ago. People are throwing around the term "cult classic" a lot in reference to the movie...and they should.

A little nothing pic about two dumb blondes who go to their 10 year high school reunion, Romy & Michele got mediocre reviews and had a box office that didn't even crack $30 million. But it has stood the test of time thanks in large part to two of the smartest dumb blondes in the biz: Emmy-winner Lisa Kudrow and Oscar-winner (never forget) Mira Sorvino.

romy michele high school reunion gif

But it also benefited from an epic supporting cast that included Alan Cumming, Janeane Garofalo, Justin Theroux-Aniston, and Camryn Manheim, and a witty script that included such gems as this:

ab fab patsy stone trans

Michele (Kudrow) claiming she was the inventor of Post-Its became intensely identified with the flick, so much so that Kudrow and Sorvino were photographed by Entertainment Weekly in their signature adhesive couture.


But how does the real inventor of Post-Its feel about Romy & Michele? As Vice found out, like many a red-blooded human being, he's a fan.

"I have seen the movie several times and really enjoyed it!" Art Fry--scientist, Post-It inventor, and non-Michele Weinberger--told Vice. Fry went on to reveal he had a hand in Michele's fancy-shmancy epoxide speech explaining the adhesive process, which Fry himself calls "completely bogus."

"I wrote out a bunch of stuff that had nothing to do with Post-it Notes, and they used it," he said. "It sounds more like something you would use to repair your broken dining room chair than the adhesive required for Post-it Notes. "

romy michele high school reunion gif

In case you needed reminding, or you just wanted an excuse to watch some Romy & Michele today:

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