PornHub's New Sexting App Lets You Censor Your Nudes


Humans throughout history have always been always fascinated by the naked body, exchanging nudes through etchings on cave walls or painted portraits—sure, things have since become a bit more straightforward (a bit). But as long as sex positivity has pervaded mankind, the oppressors have been there to stop all the fun, from censoring art to more recently, banning accounts on social media—so boring. 

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Surprisingly, PornHub has created the app to end this ongoing battle, spicing up your average nude and making censorship slightly more enticing. Trickpics, a new app imagined by the Internet's largest porn site, features augmented reality filters that allow you to send photos of your goods with some animations drpped on top. For a surprise, try the "dick in a box," and if you're particularly well-endowed, drop the "trouser snake" atop your junk. 

"Selfies have become a popular form of self-expression [in] today’s society," Pornhub Vice President Corey Price said in a statement. "They are essentially the self-portrait of the digital age, capturing individuals in all their glory. Our fans can now share sexy pics with a twist, in a fun way that evokes their creativity."

Download Trickpics for free, here, and learn more about PornHub's latest initiative, below. 

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