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Beyoncé FaceTimed with Dying Fan, Reminding Us There's Still Good in the World

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Start off your day with some feels. All of them. 

Whenever life gets me down, I turn to the mirror, brush away the imaginary bang obscuring my eye, and ask, "What would Beyonce do?" Just as things seem dire, Bey pops up with a surprise empowering multimedia album or a surreal pregnancy announcement photoshoot, and we can all forget what's happening in the world, if only for a few seconds of getting our wigs collectively snatched.

Ebony Banks, like many a teenager, is a loyal member of the Beyhuve. She also has stage four cancer. The Texas teen spent most of her senior year at at MD Anderson Cancer Center battling a rare stage four cancer. Ebony, known as "Ebob" at MD Anderson, graduated early from Alief Hastings High School in a special ceremony held last week at the cancer center.

Her friends in the Hastings High band made this video for her:

As a graduation present, Ebony's friends and classmates created the hashtag #EBOBMEETSBEYONCE in hopes of making one of her biggest dreams come true. Thank god Twitter is still good for something as the hashtag eventually reached Beyonce, leading to this heartwarming moment:

Cut to me facedown in my own tears. Because if life is anything, it's unfair, but sometimes it can be all right, if only for a few seconds.

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