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Here's What Cate Blanchett Looks Like as an Orgasming Spider


In the new film RED, Blanchett plays a Redback Spider mating and devouring her lover.

In Del Kathryn Barton's new short film, RED, Cate Blanchett plays--you guessed it--a Redback Spider who mates with and then devours her lover. Fun stuff, huh? She's really been pushing herself lately--first a drag show at Stonewall, now spider sex!

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The film took three years to make, and is inspired by the Australian arachnid's deadly form of fornication, in which the male spider is eaten alive after sex. Blanchett was chosen for her "immense power," Barton tells ABC News. "With someone like Cate Blanchett I was really actually determined to under-direct her. You give her the hooks and honestly what she gave to the performances that day, I could have never have asked that of her, she was incredibly generous in that way."

Blanchett is joined onscreen by the actor Alex Russell and dancer Charmene Yap. Footage of the humans is spliced with footage of the real Redback's mating ritual.

RED will screen at the Art Gallery of South Australia in Adelaide through April 30. Check out the trailer, below:

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