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Lady Gaga's Next Album Could Be ARTPOP's 'Little Sister'

Lady Gaga's Next Album Could Be ARTPOP's 'Little Sister'

Lady Gaga's Next Album Could Be ARTPOP's "Little Sister"
Photography: Shizuo Kambayashi/AP

The Joanne era is officially over.

Yesterday was the four year anniversary of Lady Gaga's most criminally slept-on album, ARTPOP, a masterpiece of pop insanity that was both ahead of its time and about a year too late. Since it's commercial failure, Gaga has completely rebranded, turning herself first into a country music star (lol) before regaining her former glory at the Super Bowl and selling out her Joanne World Tour (which should have alternately been called the Joanne Ball, the Joanne Monster Ball, the Joanne Rave or maybe even the Dead Aunt Rave).

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But DJ White Shadow, who produced both ARTPOP and Born This Way and who Gaga revealed that she was back in the studio with, has given true Gaga fans a glimpse of a better tomorrow in an Instagram post celebrating the ARTPOP anniversary. The producer claims that Gaga's next album (LG6) will be ARTPOP's "little sister."

In light of this news, please rejoice with a few videos that show the true glory of Gaga's most underrated era (besides Cheek to Cheek, but that doesn't really count).

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