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John Oliver Recaps Trump’s ‘Sarcastic’ Weekend 

John Oliver Recaps Trump’s ‘Sarcastic’ Weekend

John Oliver

“It’s the douchebag’s apology.” 

Over the course of this election cycle and up and down the campaign trail, Donald Trump has proven that no one contradicts him quite like himself.

In the most recent edition of "Did he actually say that?" Trump, after his suggestion that "second amendment people" could stop Hillary Clinton, went on to say that President Obama founded ISIS and, of course, Hillary helped co-found it.

Apart from the obvious absurdity of that statement is, when given the chance to clarify by a conservative radio host and state his opinion more eloquently, Trump didn't budge at all and repeated again that Obama founded the terror organization not once, but twice.

And Trump's defense when CNN called him out on his nonsense? Sarcasm. The same excuse of every high school bully who gets in trouble for his ignorant jeers uses. Except when the bullies get caught they at least feign an apology, Trump just continued backtracking on his original backtracks. Watch below.

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