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Watch: Stephen Colbert Tears Into Senate About Gun Control

Watch: Stephen Colbert Tears Into Senate About Gun Control

Stephen Colbert

“You guys think a ‘terrorist watch list’ is when you put Homeland on your Netflix queue.” 

Let it be known that Stephen Colbert will not abide an ineffective congress.

In the wake of the tragedy in Orlando, it was thought that maybe this new worst shooting in U.S. history would push the senate to finally pass a reasonable gun control bill that would make future attacks like an impossibility. Too bad we also have one of the least effective congresses in U.S. also.

Each side presented two-part legislation recommendations and none of them passed - not even the one that kept people on the terror watch list from purchasing assault weapons. But, as Colbert pointed out, this was all expected from just about everyone. And why shouldn't it be? It took a 15-hour filibuster just to push for new ideas on restriction to be heard. Well, Colbert has some choice words for Congress and plenty of comparisons to boot. Watch below.

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